General Requirements for Installation Of PP Fitting

1. Before the PE pipeline is connected, the pipes, fittings and auxiliary equipment shall be checked according to the design requirements, and the appearance inspection shall be conducted on the construction site to meet the requirements before use. Main inspection items include pressure rating, surface quality, fit quality, material consistency, etc.

2. Special heating tools shall be adopted according to different interface forms, and PE pipes and fittings shall not be heated with open flame.

3. For PE pipes connected by welding, it is advisable to use pp fitting of the same grade material. For those with similar performance, they must be tested and qualified before proceeding.

4. PE pipes and fittings shall be connected after they have been placed on the construction site for a certain period of time, so as to keep the temperature of pipes and fittings consistent

5. When connecting in cold weather (below 5 ° c) and windy environment, protective measures or adjustment of connecting process should be taken.

6, PE pipe connection pipe end should be clean, each time the end of the pipe should be temporarily blocked to prevent debris into the pipe.

7. The PE pipeline shall be inspected for appearance after connection, and the unqualified shall rework immediately.

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